Church Information

  • Sunday Services

    9:30 am - Sunday Morning Church School
    10:45 am – General Service and Worship

  • Wednesday Night Services

    7:20 pm - Life Application Hour
    Youth Bible Study

  • Church Address

    20401 Western Avenue
    Olympia Fields, IL 60461

  • Contact Information

    Phone: 708-679-3950

    Email: info@coj-family.com

Who We Are

The COJ Family Life Center Church is a teaching Church. We think of ourselves as the COJ Family Life Center Church Workshop, Training Center or Family Living Center. The Preaching of the Gospel is to persuade men to change and the Teaching of the Godpel is show men how to change. We preach and teach a Fundamental Gospel with a modern application.

Our Ministry Mission is to teach the principles of Christian Living to all who enter our doors, to those we encounter via our outreach programs and to demonstrate those principles through how we interact with the community.

The Holy Bible is the guide that we use to teach victorious living. The Bible teaches us the importance of forgiveness, the necessity of giving and shows us how to inter-relate these principles with our daily living; whether we are interacting one-to-one relationships or relating to groups.